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A 100% Ayurvedic product consists of a synergistic blend of 18 ancient medicinal herbs. This is an elixir and longevity for women.  This product balances the hormones in women and saves their Health in toto.
 there is a dire need for balancing of hormones in women. In view of this, the highly Ayurvedic well qualified and highly experienced team of our research and development department have formulated the highly effective product “Hormone-B”

Hormone-B formulated with the following valuable medicinal herbs.

Almond, Chea, Oak galls, Mulethi, Salab Misri, Rose, Talmakhana, Gond, Ashwagandha, Betelnut, Kali Musli, Maca, Safed Musli, Shatavari, Pomegranate, Vibhitaki, Mucuna pruriens, etc.

Thus the synergistic combination – Hormone – B of around 18 valuable medicinal herbs makes an elixir for women health.

Dosage: Consume 5 gms (1 spoon full which was kept in the bottle) and then drink warm water half an hour before breakfast and dinner or as directed by the physician.

Warning: Pregnant and lactating mothers have to take the Doctors to advise before taking this product.

Each bottle contains 200 gms.

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