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Kalonji Thailam-Black seed oil 100ml:

The Nigella Sativa (  also called Black Seed ),  is regarded  as the   Oil for life extension - The Blessed Oil. The earliest written reference to black cumin (also called “black seed”) is found in The Bible-the book of Isaiah in the Old Testament (28:25-27).
The holy prophet Muhammad calls black seed “a remedy for every illness except death.” Now, science also confirms that black seed one of the most powerful medicinal plants known to man.

Suggestive compositions for use :

1:  for general wellness :  Add half tea spoon of Kalonji Oil to the wheat flour that you use to make roti. You will remain healthy. 

2. for Insomnia ( sleeplessness ) and nervous tension / Stress release  : Add a tea spoon of Kalonji Oil with a cup of black tea before supper. This offers relief from Insomnia and eliminates all symptoms of tension.

3. for Diabetes  ( Sugar ) :
Take 1/2 spoon of Kalonji oil  with hot water / black tea twice a day ( before breakfast and before dinner ). Continue the treatment till sugar level becomes normal.

4. for hair problems : You can  make  formulations for early graying, hair fall etc.,
For example, Add Kalonji Oil ( 20 ml ), Olive Oil ( 30 ml ) and Mehindi Powder ( 60 gms ) and apply to the hair weekly once and after an hour shampoo the hair.
Likewise, there are number of health benefits through Kalonji Oil i.e., for gastric, abdominal problems, joint pains etc., Write for full literature on Kalonji Oil.

Caution :
•Black Seed Oil lowers blood sugar levels and thus, should be consumed only after consulting a medical practitioner.
• Pregnant women and nursing mothers should avoid consuming black cumin on a regular basis.

Legal Desclaimer :

* All the informations  in this page are  for informational purpose only, first you must consult your doctor for treatment if you are ill.

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