Herbocure Pain Relief Oil 60ml

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Muscle pains and  Joint pains became a very common health problem for men and women. Varicose veins and  Paralysis are also affecting many people nowadays. In view of these, we have invented and made a common product by name -  Herbocure Pain Relief Oil which is very effective Ayurvedic proprietary medicinal oil.

This oil is a blend of Putheeha satwa, Galtheira, Karpoora satwa, Tailaparna thailam, Sarala thailam, Jyothishmathi thilam, Nirgundi thailam processed in a base oil. This is a real combination for treating all kinds of muscle and joint pains. Jyothishmathi treats varicose veins. This is a very perfect medicinal oil for massaging the Paralysed parts of the body.

NO TOXIC INGREDIENTS - 100% all-natural ingredients. Deep rub on the affected parts is free of any harmful toxins and contains a synergistic blend of natural oils.

Application: Take some oil and apply to the affected area and massage for at least 5 minutes on a clockwise direction. FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY.

NO SIDE EFFECTS reported so far.

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